Fresh & HIgh Quality

From Western fares to Asian cuisine, we at SK Frozen supply the freshest and highest quality imported seafood to notable restaurants and five-star hotels from all around Malaysia. Our Advance Technology Storage System stores our seafood in the right temperature to keep the freshness quality from the ocean right to our customers. Our refrigerated trucks also ensure that all of our seafood products are frozen and chilled in its optimum temperature the moment it arrives and until we deliver them to you. Hence, we can guarantee freshness in every single order including our wide selection of prawns.

Wide range of selection

One of our customers’ favourite selections is our variety of fresh prawns from Vietnam, Indonesia, and Sabah. Vietnam is well-known for its prawn farm, located all around the country, as prawns are a staple ingredient in popular Vietnamese cuisine. Prawns are also an integral part of the aquaculture industry in Indonesia, making Indonesia’s prawns highly sought after worldwide. And, let us not forget the seafood on our very shores with Sabah offering some of the best prawns in the world. As we source our selection of prawns from different neighbouring countries, we constantly ensure that all of our imports meet our premium guidelines. Working closely with local farmers and fishermen, we strive to continuously deliver high quality and fresh prawns to all of our valued customers.

Got Questions?

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